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Fulfil the new requirements of annual reports with the XBRL certified software from AMANA at the click of a button. Equipped with SmartNotes and the XBRL Tagger, as well as our many years of expertise, we will speed up your ESEF annual report creation in iXBRL format, allowing you to concentrate on more important things thanks to AI.

Your benefits with AMANA

  • Auto tagging with AI
  • Automatic generation of multilingual reports
  • Processing of any taxonomy, no software update required
  • No IT knowledge required
  • XHTML and iXBRL reports with just one click
  • Taxonomy extensions with "anchoring" at the push of a button
  • Tagging in Word, PDF, HTML and InDesign documents
  • Training and support from long-standing experts

Certified iXBRL solutions by AMANA

What do the new ESMA guidelines mean for your company?

As of 2020, the European Securities Markets and Authority (ESMA) requires all issuers on EU regulated markets to prepare annual reports in the Inline XBRL (iXBRL) format. Inline XBRL is an XBRL embedded in HTML, which means HTML annual report are also mandatory. These ESEF reportings can be viewed with any web browser.

Listed companies are required to enhance their annual reports with machine-readable information within the XBRL standard. Our user-friendly solution involves applying these complex technical standards using our XBRL Tagger and SmartNotes Disclosure Management Solution. Automatic tagging of "accounts" from the IFRS standard, importing and updating figures from source systems and numerous validations enable you to fully meet the wide-ranging ESEF requirements and save precious time.

ESEF reporting requirements

  • All listed companies must report in XHTML format for fiscal years ending in 2020.
  • IFRS financial statements must be reported with the IFRS taxonomy in iXBRL format.
  • From 2020 on, the "main financial statements" must be tagged.
  • From 2022 on, the notes must contain a "text block" tag.
  • The “entity specific disclosures” must be reported through a taxonomy extension.
  • Anchoring: taxonomy extensions are allowed if no IFRS item is available in the ESEF taxonomy. The "company's own tag" must be anchored in the IFRS taxonomy.

XBRL Tagger – with AI to the ESEF iXBRL Annual Report

With our user-friendly XBRL certified software you can tag the ESEF and IFRS items in the corresponding taxonomies with no need for installation or IT knowledge. Use the XBRL Tagger to generate ESEF Reporting that meet the new ESMA requirements.

ESEF-compliant annual reports can be created quickly and easily by converting any MS Word, PDF, HTML or InDesign documents. Once assigned, the tags don’t get lost and can be easily rolled forward to the next year. We recommend including the XBRL Tagger in the annual report creation process to save time and money, but of course a "bolt-on" approach is also possible.

Advantages of the AMANA XBRL Tagger

  • Certified (i)XBRL processing
  • Auto tagger
  • PDF / HTML / InDesign tagging
  • Webpage-ready export
  • Taxonomy extensions
  • No need for IT knowledge or installation

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Integrate SmartNotes into the Annual Report Creation Process

We at AMANA have a long tradition of supporting our customers in creating annual reports and XBRL projects. By combining our expertise and the outstanding software solutions, SmartNotes makes it easy for you to get started with ESEF - and it is much easier than you think.

SmartNotes also offers you a variety of additional functions to assist your employees and eliminate non-value-generating activities. Employees can thus concentrate on tasks where their skills and know-how are acutally needed. Every time, for example, new figures are imported or rounded manually, your tables, charts and text are automatically updated across all applications and in every report language.

The end of every fiscal year means the start of a new one, so SmartNotes automatically rolls forward all your content for you. Imported values, rounding adjustments and any tags are retained and textes are directly available for editing.

In addition to ESEF, a variety of other output formats are available, such as print-ready Word, PDF, Excel, InDesign, XBRL, iXBRL and online HTML reports with CSS or the reporting format for the Electronic Federal Gazette. Print-ready report generation and integrated eBanz conversion in SmartNotes can help to significantly reduce costs for external services.

Overview of the outstanding SmartNotes features

  • Certified (i)XBRL processing
  • Anchoring – taxonomy extensions
  • Multi-user und multi-language software
  • Wide range of output formats
  • Supports all XBRL taxonomies
  • Direct linking of values from source systems
  • Roll forward including ESEF tags
  • Integrated comment function
  • AI supported auto tagger
  • Layout Robot for print-ready reports
  • Individual workflow
  • Tracking of all changes ("Full Audit Trail")

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AMANA software for your ESEF Annual Report

Our both certified solutions SmartNotes and XBRL Tagger offer automatic tagging, taxonomy extensions as well as the mandatory ESEF iXBRL processing and webpage-ready export.

Our various solutions approach the latest XBRL processes in different ways, and since we want every customer to find the one that best suits their needsm here is a side-by-sides overview of our products and their features. Please feel free to get in contact with us directly or take part in one of our ESEF, SmartNotes or XBRL Tagger webinars with AMANA experts free of charge.

  XBRL Cloud XBRL Tagger Smart­Notes
  Online Desk­top Client/­Server
Number of concurrent users working on one report 1 1
XBRL Function­alities      
Certified (i)XBRL processor x x x
Taxonomy extensions x x x
Microsoft Word tagging x x x
PDF | HTML | InDesign tagging x x  
AI supported auto tagger x x x
Webpage-Ready-Export x x x
XBRL tagging roll-forward x x x
Disclosure Manage­ment Function­alities      
Support for multi­language reports including number formatting x x x
Integrated disclosure checklist   x x
Content manage­ment based on Microsoft Office     x
Report roll-forward (numbers, manual adjust­ments, notes & comments)     x
Different types of output documents (e.g. Word, Excel, PowerPoint, HTML, iXBRL, XBRL, InDesign)     x
Linking & automatic update of values from data sources ( e.g. SAP, HFM, LucaNet, ...)     x
Individual workflow system     x
„Layout Robot“ for the automated production of glossy and print-ready reports     x
Detailed authorisation system and full audit trail     x

Compare XBRL Cloud, XBRL Tagger and SmartNotes – find the right solution for your company.

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